(2) Quitting my job

My storyTomoko MaruyamaComment

Being a sport teacher was fun. I loved to interact with kids and enjoyed giving them encouragement while sharing tips I learned from my experience. But I also wondered if I could have this job all my life. I had never thought of being a sports teacher until I had to find a job to make a living. On the other hand, the job I had offered what would be considered a normal career path in Japan and it was also relatively stable.

Sometimes, I gathered with my friends to catch up on their lives. They talked about how much they were looking forward to receiving their yearly bonuses or taking their next vacation. We also enjoyed talking about trendy restaurants and bars in Tokyo where we could get together after work. That sounded like a normal life for people in their early 20s. We all had professional careers, had decent jobs and salary. We also planned activities we could enjoy after work or during the weekends. However, I noticed that nobody ever talked about how much they loved their jobs. Instead, I heard lots of complaints. I didn't have any complains but could I really say that I love my job?

Since then, I started thinking a lot about me being a sport teacher. I liked it but I didn't love it. Some people said that jobs are like that. I was even told that I should be lucky to have a job that at least I like. I disagreed. But then I could't think of any other activity that I would love to do. All I knew was that I needed to change something.

So I quit my job and decided to take a break. What should I do next? I didn't know.

One weekend, I was at a book store in Shibuya and saw a travel brochure about "Indonesia". Bali, which is a well-known vacation island in Indonesia, was a very popular destination for Japanese people. At the time, the Japanese TV even had language lessons for Indonesian and I sometimes watched it for fun. So I became a bit interested in going there one day.

A few weeks later, I arrived to Bali all by myself. It was hot and humid like Tokyo in the summer.