(4) Drawing fantasy worlds

My storyTomoko Maruyama1 Comment

During my journey, I had the opportunity to see beautiful artworks created by local artists in every city I went. I particularly enjoyed the artwork being sold in the streets. I was able to talk to several artists about their work, the cities where they lived and specially their life. In fact, this experience taught me an important lesson about motivation and hard work later. As it happens, the first place where I sold my art in San Francisco was in front of the Ferry Building on the street. 

I bought several artworks from those artists as souvenirs. I am happy to rediscover good memories of the experiences I lived in those places every time I see those artworks at home. They make me happy. 

Then I remembered how much I used to like drawing when I was a kid. I liked to draw a story that follows a fantasy theme. I had so many stories coming into my head. I imagined living in these fantasy worlds always with interesting animals and characters. I made them all smiling just like me when I was drawing. I am not sure when I stopped creating these worlds. I guess the world I was living became more real as I became an adult. 

Going back to my journey, I bought a sketch book that day and started drawing. Initially, my hand was clumsy and it was hard to draw smoothly. Very soon, the movements came and it was like something my body wanted to do for a long time. I enjoyed drawing so much that I bought seven additional sketch books during my trip. My passion towards art was growing every time I bought an additional sketch book. 

I became convinced that I should follow my heart. I love art.