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Tomoko Maruyama

I am a Japanese-born artist based in San Francisco. I believe that everything you experience or imagine can be transformed into art. My goal is to capture those emotions and share them.

I love San Francisco. Being in this city gives me plenty of inspiration for my design. This ranges from the selection of my design colors to the packaging. I want my designs to inspire the same feelings of happiness I have for being in this great city.

My design style is distinct because I try to evoke feelings of warmth, peace and happiness. I use a palette of natural colors and shades that reflect my daily experience in San Francisco. I start each design with a very rough sketch using paper and pencil. My sketch is still not perfect so I continue working on the design with design software. The technique and tools I use give me the flexibility to modify my design lines and colors any time so I can keep the ideas flowing. I want the ability to design exactly what I feel.

Since I was a child, I excelled in sport and arts. I received a degree in Bachelor of Health and Sport Science from Nippon Sport Science University in Tokyo. After a few years working as a sports teacher, I decided to see the world and pursue my passion: art. So, I moved to the United States and received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design and Multimedia Arts degree from Centenary College in New Jersey. During this time, I worked as a graphic designer for a design agency in Manhattan.

Eventually, I moved to San Francisco and started my own design studio in the SoMa neighborhood. I created my own brand "Colors of San Francisco" which features art prints, stationery and gifts. My work is now available in selected museums and several stores throughout San Francisco and the Bay Area.